Nomadic Thrift

Nomadic Thrift is a mobile thrift store of Envision Atlanta. We reside in Clarkston, Georgia and seek to be a meeting place that clothes, empowers and honors all who encounter our shop. Being based in the most diverse square-mile in America gives us a heart for the refugees living here and knowing 90 unreached people groups are represented is what drives us. Well, that, and our drivers!

Our store is mobile in that is it a thrift store on wheels. We show up at apartment complexes in Clarkston and the residents of the apartment come out and shop then stay to connect with one another, these connections lead to friendships that develop into house churches. This goal makes our store even more thankful for the volunteers that help make everything run smoothly.

Another goal of Nomadic Thrift is to encourage, educate and invite the churches in our district. Our hope is to come to you! Being a branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance is such a blessing and we want to share what God is doing right in the South Atlantic District’s backyard! Whether your congregation knows about and has even visited Clarkston or isn’t sure what Envision is, there’s something everyone can take away from getting a visit from us.

If you are interested in hearing more about a visit from Envision Atlanta’s mobile thrift store email us at you can also follow us on social media @NomadicThriftCo and make sure to watch the video that gives you a peek into what we do. Thank you for your prayer and support.

Amanda Peters
Mobile Store Manager

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