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Hello Alliance Family,

Please know that you are in my prayers. I know you and your churches are going through challenging times. Our office has been working hard over the past few days to produce tools that we hope will help you and your churches stay connected during this current season.

As of today, we’ve developed and launched a new course on CMAllianceU designed to help those churches who are struggling to stay connected while not being able to meet on Sundays. This course is simple. Right now, the curriculum educates churches on how to record a sermon and upload it onto a digital platform using free resources. Soon, we will be adding additional resources that will help churches navigate connecting digitally for discipleship, giving, and pastoral care. But for now, we wanted to get this out ASAP.

A few more elements: This course is FREE for anyone. Individuals will need to open an account on CMAllianceU to access the course. We’ve created a simple website that gives registration and access to this course here. We’ve also attached a PDF with login and access instructions for this course.

At this point, the only way people can access the course is through the link provided in the PDF and on the website. Once individuals have registered, they simply need to click on the link (or enter it into a web browser) to gain access. 

Finally, I know you’ve been doing some great work at helping your people connect as well. I would love to feature some good ideas your District has on this website. If you have a video, file, or other ideas, please reach out and let me know. Any additional information we can provide to our churches would be great.

Questions or Concerns? Please reach out: or my cell: 732-647-6885.

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