Pandemic Alliance Missions Emphasis

All of our churches have had to make major adjustments to how we host corporate gatherings. Because most of our services have gone online/digital, many of our scheduled Alliance Missions Emphasis times have been delayed or cancelled. May I take a minute to encourage you to still host your commitment to your Alliance Missions Emphasis this year despite the quarantine. Even if you have already hosted and Emphasis event please consider hosting a creative time with one of our District International Workers before they return to the field. Ideas include:

  1. Zoom (webinar for a large group) With A Missionary. Consider hosting a District IW to small groups via zoom, but can also be adapted to large groups via Zoom Webinar or GoToWebinar. A good practice is to start the conversation as an interview style where the pastor interview the IW. This option is best for our IWs that have security concerns.
  2. Video During Service. Consider using some of the videos that our District IWs already have during your virtual services. Please contact me for more info.
  3. Podcast Interview. Consider meeting with one of our District IWs individually via Zoom, FaceTime or phone call and record your conversation (with their permission) to present to your congregation at a later time.
  4. Missions Prayer & Fasting. Consider hosting a specified time as a congregation to pray and fast for our Alliance IWs. Using the current prayer updates from the Alliance National Office: A specific prayer item could be how the Lord will lead individuals in your congregation to give sacrificially (Faith Filled Risk) to the GCF especially for Great Commission Sunday
  5. Snapshot Videos. Consider using the Alliance Snapshot videos during your virtual church services:

These ideas are only intended for you to consider creative ways to encourage Alliance Missions Engagement during this time of isolation. Now is a great time to use our IWs while we have captive audiences. As we were reminded by our DS in the MEGs this month, the Alliance was blessed with increased giving during WWI but we must be faithful and step out in faith trusting the Lord to provide! Hosting an Alliance Missions Emphasis, even if you have already done so this year (hosting another emphasis virtually), will encourage your congregations and push them to have a Kingdom mindset while they hear how the Lord is claiming the victory through the Alliance around the globe!

If you would like to connect with one of our District IWs please email for dates available.

If you have emphasized Alliance Missions during this pandemic, we would love to know:

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