Powertime Camp

Powertime Camp 2024

June 10-15, 2024

Powertime Forms and Information



Here is the registration form for campers: 


Both new and returning workers

Pastor Reference Form:

All workers must have a pastor complete a reference form

Church Coordinators:

Here is a worksheet that you might want to download.  You might find it useful in trying to keep track of everything.  You can also bring it with you to camp or send it with the group, in case it helps when comparing your records with ours when the group arrives

Parent Letter:

Also, please print a copy of the Parent Letter for each of your families!

Workers are no charge.  For campers, note that payment may be made online OR through your church (see your church camp coordinator for details).

Church Payment:

Church Camp Coordinators Only. Please use this form to submit your church payment.


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